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Brides of Beverly Hills

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Q&A: Wedding experts Renée Strauss and Kevin Lee

By: Manori Ravindran

Brett Gundlock / National Post

Whether she’s decorating the Vatican for a client’s wedding or dressing an adult film star, wedding expert Renée Strauss is ready for everything the industry has to offer. The no-nonsense owner of Beverly Hills salon Renée Strauss for the Bride also stars in reality show The Brides of Beverly Hills (Tuesdays & Saturdays on Slice) with celebrity florist Kevin Lee, the real-life inspiration behind Martin Short’s over-the-top wedding planner in Father of the Bride). The colourful duo recently sat down with Manori Ravindran to discuss everything from the bridesmaids who could give Kristen Wiig a run for her money to Kate Middleton’s “traditional” wedding dress.

Q You generally deal with brides who can afford lavish weddings. Do you have any advice for brides on a budget?
Strauss Shop for sales in the best stores you’ve ever heard of. Because you can get the best quality. And usually, by the time a person puts a sample on sale, if it’s still in good condition, the store has made a lot of money off that one particular piece. Therefore, even if there’s a ticket price on the item, with a little bit of negotiation you can usually get it for a better price.
Lee I always tell all my brides, doesn’t matter how rich or poor [you are], if you can create something in good taste. You don’t have to have an abundance of flowers or things to make it fabulous.

Q How do you deal with bridezillas and bridesmaids?
Strauss We smack them. We smack them into submission! I’ll tell you what’s interesting. Strangely enough, when people come in with an attitude, they do not know that I’m Renée Strauss. For some reason, as soon as they ask me “What’s your  name?” and I say “Renée” and they say “The Renée? and I say “Guilty!” all of a sudden everybody’s so nice.
Lee We take them in the right direction, and also we treat them in a professional way. It doesn’t matter how demanding you are, when you deliver as professionals, you see their changes in behaviour and demands towards us … You know [they] only have ideas, [and they] don’t know how to put it together. They need us.

Q What has it been like working on The Brides of Beverly Hills?
Strauss It has been such a fabulous experience … We had great and interesting customers. I got to work with Kevin a lot, and I love Kevin — we have an amazing chemistry. So it’s been one of the most wonderful and fulfilling experiences of my career.

Q Can you think of a memorable guest?
Lee Oh, my God. We had a bride [who] was a porn star. And she was really fabulous, and she had a great personality, and looked so great. She didn’t look like a porn star, and when we found out she was a porn star, we were totally shocked.

Q Thoughts on Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?
Strauss I totally knew what she was going to wear. I didn’t have to see all the predictions. It was obvious that she was going to stay tradition-bound. I thought it was beautiful … but I have to tell you, my heart sank when I saw that she wore a finger-tip length veil. I really felt that between Westminister Abbey and marrying into the Royal Family, that it deserved a very long and beautiful veil.


Renee Strauss’ New Reality TV Show “Brides of Beverly Hills”

“Last week wedding dress designer Renee Strauss premiered her new reality show “Brides of Beverly Hills” on the Slice network. The show aims to find a new voice somewhere between  ”Say Yes to the Dress” and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”  Expect a lot of the usual bridal reality show drama with more fake tans, plastic surgery and celebrities. Renee’s quirky personality and original approach to wedding dress styling are keeping the show fresh.

Alongside Renee Strauss is co-host Kevin Lee of “LA Premier.” Together the two tackle beach blonde L.A. brides who are looking for the perfect wedding dress and are not shy about dropping $17,000 on a dress. The show airs on the Slice Network on Thursdays, 9:30 pm ET/6:30 pm PT. You can also (Canada) watch the show online here.

Watch an exclusive Karen Hoffman interview with Renée and Kevin below:

Link: Brides of Beverly Hills interview

Brides of Beverly Hills

Bridezillas of Beverly Hills

Paul Bellini gets to know the sassy gays and gals of TV’s Bride of Beverly Hills

Most people would agree that a woman looks her best on her wedding day. Not because she’s finally caught a man, but because all the attention is placed squarely on her. As gay men, we can’t help but be jealous. What could be better than being the bride?

The glories of bridehood will be the focus of the Slice network series Brides of Beverly Hills, a Canadian show made by a Canadian broadcaster about Americans in Los Angeles. “Slice has always been a destination for viewers seeking outrageous wedding content,” says the network’s senior vice-president of content, with no trace of embarrassment. The show stars Renée Strauss and Kevin Lee. Renée runs the most fabulous bridal-gown boutique in Beverly Hills, called Renée Strauss for the Bride. Kevin is a floral designer and event coordinator. Both were in Toronto recently on a press junket to launch the show, which airs Thursday nights at 9:30pm.
“I call Kevin and I ‘Sigmund and Freud’ instead of ‘Siegfried and Roy’ because so much psychology comes into play,” says Renée as we coo over expensive bridal gowns at Sarah Houston’s eponymous shop at 25 Hazelton Ave. We gawk at one magnificent dress. Sarah says the most expensive dress she ever sold was $18,000. “Isn’t that a lot to pay for something you wear only once?” I ask.

“But what a once!” Renée interjects. “As for the groom, he can show up in his underwear.” That Renée. She’s full of good ideas. In her 30-year career, she’s dressed hundreds of brides and worked on TV and movies as well. Celebrity clients include Paula Abdul, Shannen Doherty and the Jenny Craig family, but she says celebrities generally don’t spend as much and expect to get things free.

Kevin’s claim to fame is that he was the model for Martin Short’s flamboyant wedding-planner character in Father of the Bride.  Twenty years ago he started his company LA Permier and his floral designs are really quite spectacular. I hope they will be showcased later in the season, as he doesn’t do much on the first episode except catch a bouquet and shout “Fabulous!” Other than weddings, he’s designed arrangements for the Emmys, the Oscars and Frank Sinatra’s funeral. He tells me that the most expensive wedding he’s ever worked was $8 million, but if he ever were to get married, he would spend more than that.

Sarah’s Yorkville shop is not featured on the show, and more’s the pity, as it is gorgeous, particularly the white wood floors imported from Germany. “My mother would not allow me to buy Barbie doll clothes,” Sarah explains. “She just gave me fabric and said, ‘Start making them yourself.’ So I also made my graduation dress, and all my friends’ graduation dresses, and then all their wedding dresses.” As a designer, Sarah is inspired by the textiles. “It’s not just the purity of white or ivory, but also the silks.”

To be honest, TV shows like Brides of Beverly Hills are not my cup of tea. There aren’t any real emotions — or real faces — just a lot of vulgar rich people. The brides and their bridesmaids and maids of honour are all hideous, with those plastic-surgery duck-lips on endless display. When I watch it, I want to set everyone on fire. But I know a lot of gay men love divas and train wrecks and overspending, so some of you may enjoy it. Which brings me to the next logical question: will Brides of Beverly Hills ever feature gay couples? “Not this season,” says Renée. But she herself once did a lesbian wedding with 11 bridesmaids! As I admire one of Sarah’s magnificent gowns, the organza and bling blinding me, I wonder aloud why two drag queens have never decided to get married wearing such stunning outfits.

Brides of Beverly Hills



Top 10 Reasons to Watch Brides of Beverly Hills

by: Jackie Middleton

The perfect wedding dress can make or break the bride’s special day and, besides saying “I do,” choosing a gown is one of the bride’s most important commitments. Why trust this momentous decision to just any boutique? Meet Renée Strauss, wedding dress virtuoso to the stars! When Hollywood’s beautiful people need a gown, they call Renée. Want the ultimate insider’s look at Tinseltown’s #1 bridal establishment? Here are the top 10 reasons to tune in to “The Brides of Beverly Hills” on Slice!

1. Renée Strauss – wedding dress retailer to the rich and famous
Weddings might be all love, and happiness, but the industry it inspires is competitive, and fierce. To survive in this business, it takes guts, sass, and a spotless reputation. Renée Strauss shows how it’s done! With 30-plus years at the helm of “Renée Strauss for the Bride,” she’s the grand dame of the Beverly Hills wedding scene. Not only does she sell the most wanted wedding gowns in the country, but she deals with the most demanding, and wealthy brides known to man.

2. Namedrop, much? Renée’s salon is the go-to destination when Hollywood’s elite go bridal. Can you blame her for namedropping? Natalie Portman, Paula Abdul, Jessica Simpson, Heather Locklear, plus the families of Sly Stallone, and designer Max Azria are among her famous clients. Adding to her impressive roster of customers: “The Bachelor,” “Runaway Bride,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “the Young and the Restless”—and many other entertainment productions—have showcased Renée’s dresses.

3. Celebrity party planner Kevin Lee Remember Franck, the outrageous wedding planner portrayed by Martin Short in the movie “Father of the Bride”? Turns out, he’s real! Kevin Lee, owner of Hollywood flower emporium, LA Premier, was the inspiration for Franck. Famous for his much sought-after floral designs and festive décor, Kevin’s clientele is strictly A-list: Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Drew Barrymore, Anthony Hopkins, the Emmy Awards and the Oscars®. No wonder Renée sends her brides to Kevin for his party-planning expertise.

4. There are wedding shops, and then there’s Renée’s… “Renée Strauss for the Bride” is not your average wedding retailer. Boasting two floors of the most exquisite gowns, and bridal accessories, Renée refers to her business as an “art gallery” featuring the best designs the world has to offer. Frequent trips to Europe and New York result in her discovery of the most expensive, elaborate, and cutting-edge wedding fashions. And her staggering collection doesn’t end with the bride. The entire second floor of her premises is devoted to bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.

5. Hey, big spender! Is $17,000 too much to spend on a wedding gown? Not according to these shoppers. Patrons setting foot in Renée’s establishment drop serious coin without a second thought. You would too if you were carting around a drool-worthy seven-carat diamond engagement ring! If you were planning a $500,000 wedding abroad—like one of Renée’s clients—you couldn’t sashay down the aisle in an $800 dress. No expense is too lofty—you’ll be dizzy from all the cash flying around!

6. Wanted: Cosmetic surgery translators. In Beverly Hills, Botox creates a unique emotion that only experts can decipher. Too much needlework can tweak an ecstatic bride or excitable bridesmaid into a frozen fem-bot. Is she bursting with bridal jubilation over her dress or does it repulse her? Trying to figure out the real reactions of these women is addictive! See how many you can decode. And foreheads aren’t the only refurbished features vying for attention. Bee-stung pouts and overinflated breasts are the rule here, not the exception. It’s like hanging out in a real-life Barbie playhouse.

7. The mysterious veil of tears. Weddings set off water works like nothing else. At the dress fitting, the family’s first glimpse of their loved one in her gown is guaranteed to prompt a Kleenex intervention. Even the most reserved of family members crumble when the final touch—the veil—cascades over the bride-to-be. It doesn’t matter who you are—first time bride, daddy’s little girl, or veteran porn star (yes, seriously!)—tears will appear. It’s amazing how powerful a few yards of tulle can be.

8. Stylists dish the dirt.
Renée’s bridal empire is so vast that she relies on her crack team of stylists to assist clients on the quest to find the perfect dress. Sharae, Clara, Kelsey, and Maria are our spies behind the dressing room doors of the rich and famous. These ladies get up close and personal with the customers and engage in real bridal drama. Best of all, they dish the inside scoop with us. It’s like having a crew of gossipy best friends uncovering all the best Beverly Hills dirt, wedding style!

9. Renée’s eligible son, Alex. Every mother hopes that her son finds a kind, beautiful girl to call his wife. Renée is no different! When her salon is crunched for staff, she calls upon her son, Alex, to pitch in. Despite his psychology degree, Alex spends much of his time surrounded by lace, crystal tiaras, and needy bridesmaids. Will he be able to resist the charms of these surgically enhanced femme fatales?

10. Beverly Hills is where it’s at! No other American city matches Beverly Hills for pure glitz and excess! Everything here is definitely bigger. Brides are high maintenance, image conscious, and self-obsessed. In a town where everyone thinks they’re a star, brazen spending, and obnoxious behaviour make for great TV. Don’t miss out!

Brides of Beverly Hills

Theoretically Speaking, is Brides of Beverly Hillsa Prequel?


Brides of Beverly Hills is a brand new Canadian-made reality series that debuts Thursday, June 16 on Slice.

But we already know there’s a reality series called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which has been around since last fall.

The two shows aren’t related at all. But really, shouldn’t they be?

If both series were to run for a few years, isn’t it feasible that some of the women buying wedding dresses on Brides of Beverly Hills might “graduate” to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Can The Real Divorce Courts of Beverly Hills be far behind?

Anyway, for now we’ll stick with Brides of Beverly Hills, which is set at a real-life upscale bridal salon called Renée Strauss for the Bride.

Brides of Beverly Hills

Through the past three decades, owner Renée Strauss has designed dresses and recommended gowns for Hollywood’s elite, including Raquel Welch (who is described by Strauss as a “bitch” in the first episode), Valerie Bertinelli, Heather Locklear, Paula Abdul, Jennie Garth, Diane Keaton and the family of Sylvester Stallone.

Strauss also consults on numerous productions and dresses the soap stars of General Hospital and All My Children, and the primetime stars of The Bachelor and the recently cancelled Brothers and Sisters, when their characters are getting married.

Also featured in Brides of Beverly Hills is Strauss’ longtime associate, celebrity florist and event planner Kevin Lee. His work has adorned the Emmys, the Oscars and most notably the weddings of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Anthony Hopkins. In addition, Lee was asked to contribute to Frank Sinatra’s funeral, and counts Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger (fill in your own joke here) among his clients.

Remember the over-the-top wedding planner named Frank, played by Canadian Martin Short, in the 1991 Steve Martin movie Father of the Bride? Well, Lee supposedly was the inspiration for that character. Or so the makers of Brides of Beverly Hills claim. It may have been the other way around, for all we know.

Nonetheless, Brides of Beverly Hills keeps the cameras on the wide-eyed and world-weary clients who enter Renée Strauss for the Bride. And these clients come in all different shapes, sizes, ages, temperaments and tax brackets.

The first episode, for example, presents three brides-to-be shopping for dresses with their respective friends and families.

Two of the brides are concerned primarily with money. One wants something that looks good but doesn’t cost too much. The other wants something that’s really expensive no matter how it looks.

But there’s a genuinely sweet moment with the third bride, when her dad gets emotional upon seeing his little girl in the perfect wedding dress. We might have been choked up, too, had we not been kind of creeped out by the fact that the dad looked exactly like late singing legend Roy Orbison.

At least the dad didn’t start singing Oh, Pretty Woman.

But then again, watching women trying to be pretty is the purpose of Brides of Beverly Hills.

Brides of Beverly Hills

Cast (left to right) Mariya, Clara, Renée, Sharae, Kevin

Brides of Beverly Hills

Renée and the St. Pucchi gown in Season l !

Bling, Boobs and Bridezillas Abound

on ‘Brides of Beverly Hills’

by: Annette Bourdeau

If ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ has left you wanting even more real-life drama from the chic 90210 zip code, and you live in Canada, you’re in luck. This week, Slice TV is rolling out the new reality series ‘Brides of Beverly Hills,’ featuring lots of bling, big plastic boobs and some serious ‘bridezilla’ meltdowns.

The show is set in the celeb-magnet boutique Renee Strauss for the Bride, and stars Strauss and outrageous celebrity florist Kevin Lee. (Fun fact: the over-the-top ‘Father of the Bride’ wedding planner Franck, played by Martin Short, is inspired by Lee!)

Strauss has done gowns for everyone from Heather Locklear to Diane Keaton, as well as every single ‘General Hospital’ wedding for the past 20 years. Meanwhile Lee has handled some of the biggest weddings in recent memory, including Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s big day.

AOL TV caught up with the fun duo to chat about what to expect from the show, as well as juicy details (like who was more hands-on when planning Brad and Jen’s nuptials).
What can we expect from the show?
Renee Strauss: You can expect lots of boobs and lots of laughter.

Kevin Lee: Lots of excitement and crazy moments! We’re living in Hollywood, this is La La Land! Everything goes here.

Kevin, how often will we see you on the show?
KL: Every single episode! It’s going to be great, non?

Will we see any of your celebrity clients?
RS: You will see recognizable people. You won’t see celebrities who are actually getting married because during the planning part of it it’s usually very private, but you definitely will see recognizable people. And you will see some celebrities, but they won’t be getting married.

Renee, I read that you’ve done some of the ‘General Hospital’ weddings. Which were the most memorable for you?
RS: You know what, I’ve actually done all the ‘General Hospital’ weddings. When they come into the store, quite frankly I don’t know the names at all of the characters because I’ve never seen the show. I’ve been doing it for them for almost 20 years. They usually come in with the head costume designer and they tell me about the character and the scene and I run around the store and pull dresses that I think will be appropriate. You can look up “‘General Hospital’ weddings” and anyone in a wedding gown is from Renee Strauss.

Kevin, I’ve got to ask about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s wedding. What was it like working on that?
KL: Omigod, it was sooooo magnificent. It was like a dreamland. It was so fabulous. I mean, there was no budget, pretty much. It was incredible and Brad Pitt was so sweet and nice. He had a vision and it was a really fabulous wedding.

So he was involved and he had a vision for even the flowers?
KL: Oh definitely. He had all the ideas. He is definitely a style guy. I was totally shocked. He was more involved than Jen. He decided everything. The theme, the décor, the flowers, you name it. He was very detail-oriented. He went through the guest list and looked at the ceremony area, and he said, “You know what, we should have a bunch of flowers in between the seats. Why don’t you put a bunch of blooming rose bushes around the seats?” We did it and it was so magnificent. It was a fabulous idea, it was great. Since then I’ve been doing all of my weddings that way! He was my inspiration! [Laughs]

So speaking of that, how often do we see grooms on the show? Are there any hands-on grooms?
RS: You see grooms and then you see guys with the brides and you’re never sure if they’re the groom or just the best friend. There are men in every episode.

KL: I’ve seen some handsome guys! [Laughs]

Are there any meltdowns on the show?
RS: You know what, there are. But you really have to watch to see. There are emotions running high and low, laughter, tears and excitement. It’s all very emotion-flooded.

So how do you two stay calm throughout it all?
KL: Of course we know how to control ourselves! [Laughs]

RS: Who says we stay calm?! [Laughs] We’re crazy. We’re crazier than everybody else. But we’ve got great staff. When you’re a good delegator you can temper the situation. You can lose it, but nobody around you on the payroll is allowed to lose it. So that’s where we get away with it.

Will we get to see anything about your personal lives?
RS: A little bit, yes. And it’s kind of funny. There’s kind of a running joke throughout the show, and you’ll see how it turns out. There’s a very famous plastic surgeon that’s a guest star on the show. You’ll see.

Both of you have done so many weddings. Do you have any favorites?
KL: Well of course! The wedding that I loved the most in recent years was Christina Aguilera’s wedding. It was really spectacular. That was my favorite wedding for the moment. It was so fabulous. We had three separate nights and three separate days. It was incredible. The first night was like a night in Paris, very Versailles. The second night the theme was a night in Tokyo, it was very Japanese, Asian-y, really fun. The third night was a Winter Wonderland theme. It was really spec-tac-u-LAR!

RS: The most incredible wedding I ever did was at the Vatican in Rome. I’ve done two amazing Italian weddings. One was the one at the Vatican, for the family that’s the largest importer of Italian wine and vinegar into the United States, and the other is the Barilla pasta family. Very interesting family, they got married up north in the lake district of Italy, both families flew me out to do their weddings.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about the show?
KL: This is going to be the most fabulous show you have ever watched! It’s going to be so much fun. We are so excited!

Tips for Brides from the Stars of Brides of Beverly Hills

by: Jamie Ordolis

Kevin Lee and Renée Strauss

In the premier episode of Brides of Beverly Hills, which you can watch tonight at 9:30 pm ET on the Slice network, Renée Strauss, owner of landmark Beverly Hills bridal shop Renée Strauss for the Bride, tells a new employee that she’s not dressed appropriately for work, sings “Sunrise, Sunset” to a bride’s family to make a sale and works through her own birthday. Well, you don’t get to be a retailer to the rich and famous any other way.

Her tag-team partner in wedding and event design (and reality show-business) is Kevin Lee, owner of LA Premier Floral Event Productions, floral designer to stars like Oprah Winfrey and – get this – the person who Martin Short’s “Franc” character in Father of the Bride is based on. Fabulous.

When I met Reneé and Kevin at the Sarah Houston bridal boutique in Yorkville and asked them what it was like to share the goings-on of their precious places of work, which they’ve built up over decades, on a reality show, Kevin said, “For us, living in the Hollywood environment, our lifestyle is more like a celebrity’s already, so… you just be yourself. In Hollywood all the celebrities want over the top and all the best things in their lives and we get the most fabulous things for weddings, gowns, jewels, you name it. Everything is so over the top anyway.”

Renée says, “I loved it. I felt that finally the world is gonna see what really goes on here. And actually, we have champagne tastes and champagne money to beer tastes and beer money all come into the store.”

Then we got down to the business of weddings – what’s hot, what’s not and what trends brides should be considering now. Here’s what the woman who’s dressed the likes of Nathalie Portman, Heather Locklear and Jessica Simpson and worked on Hollywood productions from Runaway Bride to General Hospital to The Bachelor, and the man who’s done the weddings of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Anthony Hopkins, recommend for you.

Find your inspiration point
Renée says:
For me there are a couple of things to consider for the theme and direction of the wedding – if the bride has been dreaming of something her whole life, that will lead the way. That’s one way: a deeply rooted dream.

Another way is if you find a spot, a place that inspires you, that can lead the way as well. If somebody’s always dreamed about a beach and then they find a beach in Mauii that they really love, then they’ll do something really different than if they were to get married on a beach in Malibu. So, I think location is what inspires a lot of people.

We all have an inspiration point, from planning our wedding to decorating our bedroom. We have to go with that inside gut feeling.

Try something other than a “tube top” dress
Renée says:
You will see a lot of shoulder treatment this season because that’s what we’ve been buying and what people have been asking for. People say “I’m tired of the tube top,”… people don’t know how to say strapless. They want something with shoulders, something delicate and we see a lot of very fitted dresses – a little bit 80s retro with a fashion-forward bling factor, which is a more streamlined, mermaid fit. In the 80s it was reflective crystals but now it’s a clear or real rhinestone swarovski crystal. Now it looks like fine jewelery.

Waistlines have risen. They’re really fitted around the natural waist, which is a 2 to 3-inch drop from the bottom rib. So, if you ever watched I Love Lucy, that’s what we’re getting back to, that real fitted body and full ballgown or the fit- and-flare mermaid silhouette… for the one that’s got the great body!

Add colour and bling to your bouquet
Kevin says:
I think the bling-bling-bling look with crystal is very in. Just tons of crystals hanging from the flowers and also adding crystals into the flowers.

And also, instead of just having ivories and whites and the same tones of flowers, we’re getting into more colorations, like burgundies and purples and hot pinks. I’m working on The [Real] Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump’s daughter’s wedding, Pandora, and we’re doing it very over the top, very strong colorations, very dramatic, and when you walk, just a lot of bling with the crystals and beautiful flowers like orchids just pouring out, just an abundance of flowers. Also, at the same time, the lighting [at the venue] has to be stronger, not just pale colorations. It’s a lot more drama.

Make your favorite flowers work, regardless of the season
Kevin says:
When it comes to a seasonal thing, of course a flower has a season. In fall, when you’re walking in the streets you see the oranges and the browns and you feel like that, of course, but when you’re going for the top of the line, your personality comes out and it’s very important to bring your personal lifestyle into your wedding day, more than a seasonal thing. For me, it’s what have you dreamed of all your life.

And to me, there is no flower that is taboo. Not at all. To me, depends how you work with it. Because if you are creative you can make it work.

Loosen it up
Kevin says:
Bouquets used to be so, so tight and it’s getting a little looser and instead of crystals just falling down you’re seeing them more integrated into the flowers. It’s getting looser instead of tighter.

Make the bridal party match and give them colour
Renée says:
We’re seeing bright colors for bridesmaids –  beautiful magenta and purple, tangerines, fuschias. Black has always been a staple for certain weddings and navy has been the “new black” for five years but now we’re seeing color.

Because I’m such a traditionalist, I think the bridal party should look like the bridal party. If you’re having a wedding in a ballroom you want to be able to spot and line up the people you want in photos quickly. And those photos are going to last you a lifetime. You’re creating a production. However, if you’re getting married with a smaller group or you’re a different type of bride and you just want everyone to do their own thing, then that can work too.

But, at the end of the day, if my daughter were to get married, I’d want everyone to wear the same bridesmaid dress, I’d want to go really soup to nuts traditional. And you make it easier for the bridal party when there’s a parameter. Without that, they’re like loose canons. It’s like not registering!

Trust the experts
Kevin says:
I will guide you. If it’s not right… I’m a yenta, I have to tell you. I won’t go around the bushes because at the end of the day you won’t be happy. You know what you want but professionals need to guide you.

Renée says: You have to rely on the expertise and the taste level of people like Kevin and myself. I can tell by the way a person walks and carries themselves, even if they’re wearing no makeup and pyjamas, I can already see what they should wear. I like to get some information, like where the wedding will be, but I can still see.

Follow your heart
Kevin says:
Once in your life you need to splurge on your lifestyle. You should have what you want.

What Oprah likes
Kevin says:
She loves bundles and bundles of flowers! She loves lots and lots of flowers. That’s her motif always. She loves peonies and seasonal flowers. No matter what, we always have tons and tons of flowers. That’s what makes her happy.

The most fabulous weddings ever
Kevin says:
Christina Aguilera’s wedding. It was so fabulous and she was so fashionable. Oh my goodness… her gown was spectacular. She’s a tiny lady but she carried herself so well and, you know, I’ve never made a single rose so fabulously because she didn’t want a big bouquet. She wanted only a single rose to carry down with her rosary. And it was so romantic and so sweet and so special and it was the most fabulous wedding I’ve ever created.

Renée says: I did a wedding at the Vatican and it was just phenomenal. It was the daughter of the owner of the largest wine and vinegar import company in the United States. Andrea Bocelli sang for the couple and the Secretary of State for the Vatican performed the wedding and I put the whole thing together and it was unbelievable. Wouldn’t you know it, they came to my store and she fell in love with a dress from Italy. It was a super feminine, super fitted dress, lots of veiling. They cleared the entire left half of St. Peter’s Basilica, Swiss Guards kept everybody out, we did it in the largest capella and I felt like I was as close to heaven as I’ll ever get, dead or alive.

See more of Renée’s and Kevin’s fabulous advice, creations and clients in Brides of Beverly Hills every Thursday, starting tonight, at 9:30pm on Slice.

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We supply designer bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, flowergirl dresses, veils & headpieces and accessories. We serve the
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